Who is TJPontz?

Former broadcaster
Veteran (USNavy)
IT tech nerd, dweeb, geek and often a doofus
Creative writing coach
Ghost / freelance writer

Podcaster – I’ve been writing creatively for so long, I’m sharing what I’ve learned.

Currently working on a sci-fi project. But that’s classified at the moment.

Life is short. Eat the cake. Read the book. Dance like nobody is watching. Wear a long sweeping cloak and storm dramatically into the sunset to destroy your enemies. Laugh.

Twitter:  @TJPontz

4 thoughts on “Who is TJPontz?

  1. I must admit that I am more than facisnated by your writing style and look forward to any books that you may release or may have already released. I’m new to your website and found it on accident but I am a definite subscriber now! Thanks for the wealth of knowledge you have on display here.


  2. I am currently in college for the IT world, picking up certs and an associates at the moment. It was a very pleasent surprise to see you being in the same field that I am am interested in. I would love to collab a short story! Maybe bounce a few emails back and forth or something?


    1. Hi Tim. As far as collaboration, I’m not in a real ‘fiction mode’ at the moment, but I’ll leave that door open a crack for whatever lies down the road. I have updated this page to include links to some of my unpublished stuff. That should keep you out of mischief for awhile, but your results may vary. My main project for now is over on thereadingdesk.com, which should occupy me fairly solid for the next few weeks. That’s one reason why my posts here are fairly sparse over the past couple of months. If you’d like to bounce some emails around, I’m up for it. I will certainly review anything you’re cooking up, and throw in my thoughts as well.

      1. “… and the plan unfolds!”

        T J,
        Looks like I got more than enough material to sink my eyes into! Saying I am eager is an understatement; being able to throw my fertile mind at some creative literature is something that I rarely have the opportunity to do… 🙂

        By fertile I mean, young and inexperienced. Many a time has gone by where I wanted to write a very inspirational piece. Never have I finished one however due to my uncomforatable writers block, but you have helped remove that somewhat and for that I thank you!

        I will be bouncing an email to you in the next day or so with a summary of a story and a general plot, also, I am going to look at thereadingdesk.com and see what it has to offer.

        With best regards,

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