Hi fellow scribblers! This is my index of podcast episodes so that hopefully you can scan for topics that are of interest. If you’re looking for the direct RSS link  Available now on Spotify, Apple, Google & Amazon Music.

Episode 4: Top four questions on how to get started writing. Writing prompt is a terribly fussy dinner problem. Coming this weekend!

Episode 3: The character of your characters -Who is the most memorable character you’ve ever read?  Writing prompt is all about the Casbah. I hope you enjoy the concert!

Episode 2: Writing Style – Some comparisons of how writers approach the task of writing, and why they don’t work. Writing prompt is a character study of “Bunny”.

Episode 1: Introduction – Writing as a Craft. What does that mean, exactly? And what are the most common questions about getting started writing creatively?  Writing Prompt is from a famous first line.