A pause for something new

As a frustrated writer, I’ve often bemoaned the fact that there isn’t any application that really tries to help writers.

Sure there’s Grammarly, but it may not help if you don’t want to use an online tool for checking your work. What if you want to build your stories offline and upload them? What if you’re better with a pencil?

Sure, there’s Atmosphere, and that works great if you don’t mind being funneled into their publishing platform and network of support. They won’t tell you what the costs are up front though. Does that make it feel more expensive?

There are places that will let you post your story, but trying to attract interested readership is sketchy, and you may not even get what you pay for with help from editors.

I’m creating a social workspace for writers, where you can find professional readers, freelance editors, photographers, illustrators, artists, and perhaps even translation services. I’m creating a space by writers for writers, and what they need to get a manuscript fully ready for your queries – wherever that may lead. Every vendor will be setting their own rates, and I won’t interfere with your commerce or take a percentage from your transactions.

I can’t do this on my own resources, so I’m looking for support. My GoFundMe is up now for early supporters.

I can have this application up and running by the end of Cy 2023, with more plans coming in CY 2024. Supporters will be offered a discount for 3 months of free access (or more?). What features would you like to see? Let me know!

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