Same characters, same plot?

I'm posting the below giggle to emphasize a point. Many writers are a little phobic about whether or not their work is too similar to other stories already on the market. You can relax, because everything has already been done (probably). The difference is that YOUR story is not THEIR story, so keep working on … Continue reading Same characters, same plot?

Winter, is this all you have?

24th December 1983, I was standing on an elevated subway platform with the wind chill around -82 F, because I had to get to work. I was bundled up like Ralphy in A Christmas Story. My skin didn't hurt though. I remember there was a deep pain in my bones that I felt as soon … Continue reading Winter, is this all you have?

A pause for something new

As a frustrated writer, I've often bemoaned the fact that there isn't any application that really tries to help writers. Sure there's Grammarly, but it may not help if you don't want to use an online tool for checking your work. What if you want to build your stories offline and upload them? What if … Continue reading A pause for something new

Say more, write less

I love TED videos. The co-founder of Axios and Politico, Jim VandeHei has been paying attention to why people don't read everything. We're trying to stay afloat in a sea of words bombarding us all day and the choices about what to pay attention to may be frustrating. In his TED talk he walks us … Continue reading Say more, write less


White eye of the gibbous moonin the eastspidering up silken strandsspun from high above Halo of silver mist among the heightsa shroud of winter's looming chillpushed to unseen ends by secret giant's bane Never blinking eye this winter's young eveUnbrokenBreathlessObservant Watching incipient mis-intentionscorrupting yon horizonbillowing driven snows

I am the voice of RA

How many times have you been warned? How many times has your species been taught? We tried reason alone, and you advanced many great cultures, but those days of greatness have sunk beneath the waves of time. We left you alone because it seemed that your species was well in control of Earth. It was … Continue reading I am the voice of RA