Where do you find characters?

I've taken a nearly 30-day hiatus from this blog while I got heavily involved in this writing project. I don't always multitask well, so I felt it was better to streamline the number of pots I was putting my fingers into in any given day.I even abandoned Twitter for the duration, which was actually kind … Continue reading Where do you find characters?

Character motivation drives plot!

There is a tremendous difference between having a character walk through a set of plot elements, and letting that same character crash cleanly through them because he/she is properly motivated.I was reading a younger writer's efforts last year, and this extreme example has stayed with me: The main hero was standing in the middle of … Continue reading Character motivation drives plot!

Writing Exercise: just do it

Every writer who has ever lived has, at some point, stared blankly at the paper / parchment / monitor and wondered, "Now what?"Writer's Block isn't a curse, it's an opportunity.Today's writing exercise is simply a series of timed exercises.  (These are all ten minute segments)How to begin? Start with the words, "I remember" and let … Continue reading Writing Exercise: just do it

Dragon in a Jaguar

I needed to change my karma a little bit today, so I went out for a haircut, lunch and a couple of errands.The haircut was uneventful, and I won't bore you with the grocery shopping. Lunch was more interesting.I went to Panera, and got the tortilla chicken soup (yummay!) and the bacon turkey sandwich (feh).  … Continue reading Dragon in a Jaguar