I am the voice of RA

How many times have you been warned? How many times has your species been taught?

We tried reason alone, and you advanced many great cultures, but those days of greatness have sunk beneath the waves of time. We left you alone because it seemed that your species was well in control of Earth. It was not to be.

We tried beliefs. We taught all of your prophets that there were simple things to do that would bring fulfillment, happiness, and a better generation for all mankind.

  • Be good to each other
  • Feed the hungry, aid the sick, house the homeless
  • Do for others what you need done for yourself
  • Be good to the Earth

Moses, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad were all taught these things. Yet still homo sapiens has refused to grasp that the spiritual and the intellectual are so very compatible. Science, progress, and simply helping yourselves is so simple. Yet you have failed.

Spirituality, that sense that drives you toward helping others you have subsumed into dogma. Dogma fights all comers – especially science.

Your religions have instead poisoned the well of thought and your divisions are many, the scars are deep. We remember the days when we dispensed with the giants among you and set things to right – so many ages ago that it escapes the bounds of your history of yourselves.

Dogma sparked wars between factions that should have been steadfast allies.  Dogma marched forth in crusades, wars, and vile escapades of murder. Dogma drove men mad with witch hunts, inquisitions, tortures, persecutions, and more murder.

And now, Fear. The politics of Fear. The pandering to it – as if all of your kin on the Earth were trying to kill you, subvert you, demean you. This must be stopped, as there is no basis in this.

You have failed to guess the obvious. Perhaps we erred in selecting your forefathers. Perhaps we should have begun with simpler organisms. We see now that apes are too tribal. You kill each other over petty differences.We had thought a larger brain was required, and we did so. Yet you listen to the loudest voices of discord, passing your hatred down through generations as if your very DNA were contaminated.

We have no desire to cleanse your planet and begin again, though it would be a simple thing.

Be aware. Your space fleets shall not survive. You are not yet ready to join the Starborn. You are a greedy, hateful, bothersome, and peevish people, and thus your place among us is greatly diminished. Your moon and Mars you already have – but you shall not colonize elsewhere until all that is hidden under rock, ice, and sand is revealed, and Man becomes Aware.

You may explore as you wish – weaponless. Make no colonies further. You are unwelcome in the brotherhood of the Starborn. If need be, you shall all perish because you have nothing of concern to offer for trade, and you are corrupted wholly.

You have nothing of which our brethren have need.

I am the voice of RA. Awaken, and do not be deceived.

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