Welcome to TIRRA

From the frigid Ice Barony to the balmy tropic islands of the Spice Barony, there is much to discover in TIRRA.

Tirra is a large continent on a world called Talia, a world that has a large number of different kinds of peoples who are spread across TIRRA and two other continents, and several large islands.

One sun crosses the brilliantly blue sky each day, and there is one smallish moon that has a bluish tint to some areas of it.  Weather patterns and tides are predicatable to a certain extent.

One thing Talia does not have is an abundance of iron.  By whatever act of the gods (you can blame Narvad if you’d like) or evolution, creation, or random visits by asteroids long ago, iron is nearly non-existant for the average person.  Thankfully, there is a plentiful supply of copper and tin so that bronze is easily made. This makes any iron (or steel) extremely expensive, as it is in high demand. Those governments who can afford it are purchasing iron for their armories and weaponers.

It’s a pity really, because many areas would have seen an industrial revolution by now if iron had been available. As it is, the people are doing the best they can with bronze. They can make engines that run on steam, machines of intricate gears and cams, or deadly traps.  Mass production is difficult, and therefore most clockworks, engines, and other devices are painstakingly hand made, which is also quite expensive. For this reason they are often passed down through family lines as a proud heirloom, or gifted to the community in remembrance.


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