Creativity Coach

Here are the initial guidelines for how my coaching service (Literary Nudger?) is going to work.

I am not monetizing this effort. I am not selling a service, nor am I pitching a "How to" book (nor do I plan to write one).  Im just trying to pay it forward a little.

I am not trying to steal any body's ideas. I have enough of my own, thanks.  I know how hard writers work on their craft, and if you're here looking for help you're already cranky and frustrated, so I won't add to that.

I am not an agent. I am not a publisher. I can't buy your work. What I'm offering is a virtual look over your shoulder to give you a nudge if you need one.

I'll be blogging about creativity, writing, plot ideas, character motives, setting… all that good stuff. I can't give you a plot – you'll need to come up with that on your own.

I'm still pondering what I need for posted submission guidelines, if any. For now, if you need help, send an email to tjpontz at gmail with your question.  I did not say to send your query. I did not say to attach or paste your manuscript.  I may not really need your manuscript, and I leave help with queries up to the query experts.

I can't guarantee I will fix what ails your manuscript, only that I'll try.

What are my chops as a writer?  My first writing gig was in the broadcast market writing ads and program content. Lately I've been in the business communications field.  My current project is biographical, with some fiction ideas in orbit waiting for a landing pad.

Keep your pencils sharp!

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